Sunflower Staff Newsletter

Dear Sunflower practitioners/teachers of various persuasions,

I will write more fully over the weekend, but for now, I send you a 'call to action'.

In order for you to receive our Sunflower Centre newsletters specifically for those professionals with an ongoing relationship with the practice we need you to sign up for them yourself.  [If you don't do so, we can't add you because of GDPR rules.]

These newsletters will serve to:
- keep you in the loop whenever there is something substantial for us to say
- initiate collective ways that we can communicate easily
- be a resource as like-minded individuals
- support the supporters, as self-employed people who support others in our communities

There is much to respond to, much in flux, and so much that's unknown. We hope that you will find this step a welcome and useful one.

With love,
Joanna, Johanna and Jenny - Sunflower Centre Management Team
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